Monday, January 16, 2017

Norwich Terrier - Soulmate By Cori Solomon

Soulmate - Norwich Terrier by Cori SolomonSoulmate
By Cori Solomon

Happy go lucky is the feeling one gets when they look at the smiling face of the Norwich Terrier in this matted pastel drawing.

Size: 12 x 16


10% of the proceeds to benefit a animal charity

To Purchase:

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Miccosukee said...

As a confirmed terrier lover, I love to see how well you capture the devilment in their eyes. Who ever this Norwich owns is lucky!

hollyherick said...

I love your dogs. I found them though Daily . I am an artist myself and often paint dogs. Last year I donated three paintings to Dogs for the Deaf in Southern Oregon. Here are some link if you are interested.

Keep up the great work.


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