Thursday, May 24, 2012

36 Beagle Puppies ~ Lab to Leash Project

The Gardeners ~ Original oil by Carol Chretien

I am offering Beagle Prints in a special gallery on my site
with 100% donation to
the LAB TO LEASH project and challenge.

36 Four Month Old BEAGLE PUPPIES have been rescued from a research laboratory
and all will be rehomed when ready for adoption to families of their own.
They all deserve a chance at a real life.
there is a chip-in challenge and a generous donor is matching funds
up to 5000.00.
You can read all about it here:
I have 5 prints currently available of BEAGLE ART
that I have painted and sold as an ART HELPING ANIMALS ARTIST
you can visit my site to purchase a print, you can make a Chip In Donation (above)
This is the very reason we paint, draw, sculpt and create our art
and call ourselves
Artists Helping Animals
to view or purchase a Print:
please feel free to share this post
we are all their voices

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