Monday, January 04, 2010

Floral Art Flowers Pink Rose by Della Burgus

Summer dreams...

Summer Dreams

Oil on Stretched, Wrapped Canvas
8 x 10
All the edges are painted, no staples show
Display with or without a frame

$90, shipping included
20% will be donated to
Old Dog Haven

To purchase email the artist

Last week I came across some photos of our rose bushes taken last summer. I remember the day they were taken, early morning, beautiful warm sunshine, soft breeze. As I bent to inhale their fragrance, their soft petals kissed my face and I wanted to hold on to that moment forever. Photographs were the next best thing. Originally I had planned to do a composition with the bushes, or perhaps a few of the flowers, but the memory of that moment expressed itself as a close up of one bloom. The color, the fragrance and the delicacy of the petals take me back to that warm summer day, even in the midst of this cold, cold, snowy weather.


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