Monday, November 16, 2009

Equine Art Horse Amish Buggy Horses by Della Burgus

Simple Gifts

There is something peaceful and comforting about the sight of an Amish style horse and buggy traveling down the road. It takes me back in my imagination to another time, a gentler, simpler time when community and family were the core of life, and when faith was real and solid. These two horses were drawing a buggy through the town where my husband's late parents had lived. The owner was a very kind man who graciously allowed my husband to photograph his horses and buggy, and even chatted for a while. It isn't often you see two horses with a buggy; usually it is a single horse. But the man said they had been working together for eleven years and seemed to prefer it that way.

Simple Gifts
by Della Burgus
Pastel, 13 x 17
Matted, mounted on foam core board, ready to frame
Frame is not included

$100, shipping included
Available at fixed price on EBay

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20% will be donated to
True Blue Animal Rescue


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