Saturday, September 26, 2009

Royal Egyptian Saluki Dogs Throne Dog Gold Pharaoh

"The Guardians"
Royal Saluki Dogs at the Throne
SM Violano
7" x 5"Oil on Board

About This Painting:
This painting is of the Historic Saluki dog- loyal companion to man for centuries. Here these Salukis are guarding the Pharaoh's Throne.

I spent far more time on this little painting depicting the Throne of King Tutankhamen and two loyal dogs than I expected. The detail work was addictive! I began this painting at the end of August!
The photo does not do it justice.

20% to STOLA Saluki Tree of Life.

Fresh off the easel. Please expect two to three weeks drying time for safe shipment.

Media: Oil on board
Size: 5 in X 7 in (12.7 cm X 17.8 cm)
Price: $129 USD

How to Purchase:

Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $129 USD plus $7.95 USD s/h
Or, send me an email

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