Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Lamb by Della Burgus

He Restores My Soul
by Della Burgus
Pastel on Wallis Sanded Paper
Image size 9 x 12, Matted to 14 x 18

20% will be donated to
True Blue Animal Rescue

For many different reasons, we all could use some "soul restoration" right now.

New little lambs are one of the early indications of spring in this area. Seeing them makes me smile. If you have never read Philip Keller's book, "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23," I would recommend it. Amazingly, it turns out we are very much like sheep in our attitudes and behavior. While they are sometimes considered "dumb," that is a harsh and unfair judgment. Actually they are simply naive, somewhat gullible, trusting, and they tend to follow other sheep into dangerous situations, instead of following the shepherd into safe pasture. Sound familiar? But the good news is that the sheep actually do know the shepherd's voice, and as long as they are listening for him, they can't be fooled, even by the most clever wolf.


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